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Blind Swords-Mech by Bobot073 Blind Swords-Mech :iconbobot073:Bobot073 10 0 C-SWAT by Bobot073 C-SWAT :iconbobot073:Bobot073 10 0 Breach by Bobot073 Breach :iconbobot073:Bobot073 17 0 Launching by Bobot073 Launching :iconbobot073:Bobot073 22 5 HVSMG by Bobot073 HVSMG :iconbobot073:Bobot073 3 0 Expansion Armour by Bobot073 Expansion Armour :iconbobot073:Bobot073 16 2 Genji by Bobot073 Genji :iconbobot073:Bobot073 52 14 HRT by Bobot073 HRT :iconbobot073:Bobot073 18 2 Extraction by Bobot073 Extraction :iconbobot073:Bobot073 12 0 160203 by Bobot073 160203 :iconbobot073:Bobot073 3 0 The Lady with Two Coloured Lights by Bobot073 The Lady with Two Coloured Lights :iconbobot073:Bobot073 4 0 ReyTFA by Bobot073 ReyTFA :iconbobot073:Bobot073 6 0 POWER ARMOUR by Bobot073 POWER ARMOUR :iconbobot073:Bobot073 26 0 Purge the Demon by Bobot073 Purge the Demon :iconbobot073:Bobot073 95 10 Mordred Excalibur by Bobot073 Mordred Excalibur :iconbobot073:Bobot073 59 3 Ahriman of the Thousand Sons by Bobot073 Ahriman of the Thousand Sons :iconbobot073:Bobot073 12 1


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Blind Swords-Mech
Overall inspiration comes from Samurai armour. Referenced some images of Iaido practitioners for the hands.

Explosive Reactive armour for the shoulders forearms and the thighs was a strange choice to make at the time in terms of functionality, but I think it worked out just fine.

A "beam blade" was the weapon of choice, but only because it gave me the chance to have a different colour in the piece.

The "horns" on the helmet were suppose to be other alternative means of observing its surroundings.
"A UNIPOL White Project that involved regenerative tech and cyber-augmentation. Subjects often turn insane."

The character depicted in here is featured in Strain Tactics, designed by ukitakumuki

So what is this game about?

The quick and dirty description would be that it is a Top down, Action-RPG game set in a Cyberpunk, Post Apocalyptic future. You are a re-cloned War Vet placed in charge of a small task force whose job it is to go in and take out the heart of a alien Strain invasion. It features 78 different units that all have their own personalities and psychological make up. Victory depends on how well you manage their various strengths and deficiencies while you engage hostile Strain.

The Strain are not helpless, as you progress through the game, you will encounter a variety of different styles of enemy. They will have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some are giant brutes that can soak up lots of fire, others can infect your troops and turn them into more Strain.

Make use of a variety of weapons from lethal throwing knives, to heavy duty equipment like a 30mm heli-borne autocannon. You can pretty much approach a mission is whatever way you like, one might say your options are limitless.


As mentioned above, this game is currently going through Steam Greenlight. So, If you are a Steam user, perhaps you could have a look at our page for Strain Tactics (we have a trailer and full length description), and if it looks like something you would play, give us a "Yes" vote. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
A little practice that took way more time than it should have. Almost as if it suffered a case of "feature creep".

Over the course of painting this image, I spent some time looking at things like Mach Diamonds, Coilguns, shockwaves and explosions to help better educate myself and inform the way they should be rendered.
I couldn't understand all of it, but at least gleaned enough to help form a starting point to start painting those elements.

All in all it was fun to do, but it's time to move on to the next thing.

edit: thumbnailed version looks blurry for some reason, view at its original resolution to see it clearly. (If anyone has an explanation for this, please share!)

edit2: I added a colour dodge layer and made a few areas pop a bit more.
Come to STGCC!

While I guess it is customary to say "Man! Its been too long since the last journal!" I'm just going to skip over that part to the important stuff.

Firstly, STGCC (Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention) is going to happen on the 12th to the 13th of September. I will be joining other incredible artists at the 3dsense booth selling prints and other incredible merchandise. (Well I'm going to be selling large and small prints.) 

Secondly, I am involved in a collaboration with an indiegame studio to develop a top down zombie shooter game for mobile platforms. (and potentially PC, but at this point it is all up in the air)

Ill be sure to point you all (the watchers of this small deviantart page) to the game once we get closer to the release date! (which is also up in the air becuz 'indie'. Huzzah!)

In closing, if you are in and around Singapore, do feel free to drop by STGCC to say hello and experience the many fun times to be had at this convention! :happybounce: 



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Graduate of the COFA UNSW (2014)

Currently studying at 3dsense Media School, Singapore.



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