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First Acolyte and the Last Squire
Rae Schmied. First Acolyte of the Wandering Mage, Last Squire of the Lord Commander, Survivor of the Massacre at the Rolling Plains.

Yay titles! Well those are basically form the shell of a concept for the character. If you read hard enough into it, you might be able to tell where she currently is in life xD. Development of this character and the story she will inhabit is still really early, but hey it might turn into something down the line.

The thing I wanted to tackle here was to nail down a process on how to render 'magic'/'hard light' armour for any future projects. I think it turned out okay, the basic idea is that as the planes of the armour pull away from the camera, the more 'solid' it would look.
The Red Orc
This was a commission done for emperoraku here on deviantart! It was thanks to him that I got the opportunity to draw this Orc!

This was a fun piece to do, certainly well outside my own comfort zone of science fiction and Warhammer 40k.

One particularly challenging part of the image was how to pull off the reflections in the knight's armour without making it too attention grabbing. The solution light the image so that only the upper torso of the Orc lady and the tip of the helmet were actually in the light. This means that whatever else was being reflected in the armour had to be of the dim surroundings. This served as a decent enough reason to keep the reflections dark, keeping the focus of the image on the face of the Orc.

edit: Cast shadow for tusk. Previous version linked here
Something different from all the usual space marines. 

I wanted to try an illustration that told more of a story that isn't just people shooting at things off screen.   

Also I wanted to try doing more post-processing on the image once I had finished painting the image. The effects are all achieved with adjustment layers (which can be found on the bottom row of the layer's window in photoshop). These can help push the value range, colour balance or even change/replace whole sections of colour in the image. Very useful for getting that little bit more out of any paintings done.

Full-size image link:
Raging Carcharodons
The genesis of this illustration started when it was pointed out many of the recent images I had done were of Astartes primarily engaged in ranged combat instead of GLORIOUS MELEE COMBAAATTT. 

So to rectify that I had drawn up a sketch of two loyalist marines busting through a wall, pushing another traitor astartes away in the process. It stayed as a sketch for a long period of time, until I saw the "Red Tithe" Cover done by DiegoGisbertLlorens. I really liked the use of pink and blue, so decided to apply those colours to the melee sketch I had lying around. Also the decision to make the traitor astartes a Nightlord was 100% inspired by the conflict depicted on the Cover.

The result turned out far more saturated than the piece it was inspired by, but overall I would say it was a successful image. 

As with the "Find Them" image I had posted earlier, I had gone with using textured/dual-brush brushes while painting. They help add a level of noise evenly across the entire image, as opposed to blotches of it scattered around the painting during the weathering phase.

All in all, it was a fun image to paint!
Find Them (Full Image)
What started out as a study piece changed into something quite a bit more complex. They aren't the usual space marines, but I certainly had fun painting them!

Also it was the first time I had to deal with a textured brush while eschewing the use of selection masks (courtesy of some advice I got from Artgerm during a short portfolio review at doujima, Singapore).

Needless to say the first few hours were pretty messy, but I got the hang of it eventually!

This is the full sized version. The film crop is HERE.
Commission information is below!

Commissions Status: Open

Single Character (7-9 days)
Sister of Battle by Bobot073  Imperial Fist Reiver by Bobot073  Lady Lightning Sword by Bobot073  STORM WARDEN by Bobot073

Multi Character (14 days minimum)
Imperial Fist by Bobot073 Launching by Bobot073 Breach by Bobot073 Crimson Fist Primaris Captain by Bobot073

Bust (5-7 Days)
Frost by Bobot073 Loki Prime by Bobot073

Things I will not do:
Excessive gore

Everything else can be done.

Commission Process

Note: All invoices will be made to you in USD.


Email or note me directly with the following:
  1. A description of what you want in your image. Would be especially helpful if you had a particular narrative in mind.
  2. Any references for the characters, props, vehicles, background, etc in your image. (i.e. Age, personality, pose, material, etc. Anything left undefined will be left for me to decide.)
  3. Purpose of this commission*. i.e. Personal poster, Book cover etc (This information is needed to help define the size and settings of the image file)
  4. Specific deliverable items. i.e. Specific cropping sizes, file types, etc (The default package is a full-res .png of the commission)
Ideally we will have a conversation about each of these points so that we are both on the same page.

*Commissions for Commercial projects will require further discussion.

From here you will receive black and white preliminary sketches based on the information presented. Provide any feedback and changes to the sketch. You will also be quoted a price at this point.


When a sketch has been approved. A 50% initial payment will be sent to you via Paypal's invoicing system. 

Work on the commission will begin when the first invoice has been paid. The time needed for the commission starts at this point.

You will receive progress updates via email/note regularly every one to two days. (If you want more or less communication let me know)

Upon completion, a low-mid resolution .jpg will be sent to you for approval.

If you have a large edits you want to make at this point that deviates from the original brief, the first significant edit will be free. Subsequent large edits will be charged an appropriate fee and attached to the final invoice.

If approved, the second invoice will sent to you. Once paid the aforementioned deliverable items will be released to you via download link to a .zip file hosted on my google drive. (These files will be removed from google drive once you have confirmed receiving the completed commission.)

  • I reserve the right to post the final image to any platform/place/location.
  • All commissions are treated as for personal use, unless discussed otherwise.
  • If you post the image to other places, I ask that you credit me as in the post.


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Graduated 3dsense Media School, Singapore

Graduate of the COFA UNSW


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